Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh Internet... how I've missed thee!!!

Hoo-ray! We have been reconnected to the world as of about 7:30pm.  I have missed my wifi and surprisingly... I have missed tv.  Ok... so I really missed the zombification effect it has on the wee ones when Dora or Team UmiZoomi is on.  It gives my brain cells a chance to regroup.

While waiting for the cable dude to arrive, I filled up my empty bookshelves in the living room (thus unpacking a box or two in the dining room, the current holding place for stuff-that-needs-to-be-unpacked. They currently look like this:

Yes... that's a tiny lamp on top of the cube thingee... no... that's not my final placement of the things on them... I just wanted to get them on the shelves...

When I was done with that... I sat in the dining room awhile and it became overwhelmingly obvious that the walls in there are white... and it's not really a small room.  Our table (which seats six) that was too big for our old dining space looks midget sized in this room.

(yes... two chairs are missing... Poot has one in the kitchen and I'm using the other at the desk)

So I dug through what paint chip samples I had on hand and flipped through my Benjamin Moore fan deck and settled on this shade:

That would be Valspar's Blue Lagoon.  Some photos online show it as a really bright turquoise while others show it as a dusty teal.  If I still like it in the morning light I'll pop on over to Lowe's and get myself a sample can, since I have a free coupon and all for liking them on Facebook! :)

I knew I wouldn't last very long with the white walls in this place!!! White walls make me feel all twitchy...

White walls and flat paint... which this house is full of... including ALL of the trim... and the bathrooms... really... who DOES that!?

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