Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wednesday's Project update post

Project update!

I'm still without a computer, so I'm typing this on my iPad. Karl gave me the go ahead to buy a new MacBook... But spending that much money right now kinda scares me so I'm just going to hobble around for a bit. I ordered a Bluetooth keyboard and an iPad stand so that it'll be easier to type on from amazon (will be here Friday, I love Amazon Prime!), but it'll mean that I have to sit at the table or get one of those laptop table stands or something (hmmmmm..... I bet I could make one.... Haha like I need another project added to my list!) Anyway... I hope the keyboard works out, because I am only one paragraph into this post and I'm already annoyed with the iPad's on screen keyboard. I keep missing the space bar, and I'm used to a bigger keyboard so my wrists are getting a bit tight already... I hate typing on the hackintosh netbook because it just feels so awkward with the keyboard being so small and my arms being so long... Just feel like I'm squishing myself together in order to type and keep the netbook on my lap. The other problem I'm having right now is that I'm very much a stream-of-consciousness kind of writer. When I'm all done, or if I get interrupted, then I'll go back through what I've typed and only change things if I skipped a word or part of the "story" to make it all make sense to a reader. When I get started on typing something up I start to hit a "groove" so to speak and I let it all come out as word vomit. Otherwise I "over think" things. ANYWAY.... Where I was going with that is that because the iPad keyboard sucks monkey balls to actually do any substantial typing on, I keep having to go back and fix stuff and un correct auto correct and all that jazz and it's messing with my flow. Grrrrr.... So enough with the mini review on iPad typing.

This last weekend I got a little bit more done on Beaner's bed. I added legs to the footboard panel and added the first header to the headboard. I cut the second top crown header thingy but I realized I still hadn't bought the 3" screws needed to attach it so had to leave that off for the time being. Probably only spent about a half hour on it on Sunday but just that half hour made me feel like I actually got something accomplished during the weekend. I get really restless on the weekends and when I'm not quite sure what to do I tend to pace from room to room and it just makes me feel more overwhelmed because I'll see some project that needs to be finished (or started) or some mess that needs to be cleaned and/or organized and then I start feeling like I have all this stuff to do and no time to do it in! When in reality I have lots of time if I would just stop wasting time by pacing or wasting time on eBay, pinterest, or Facebook and just dive in.

Friday night I spent an hour cleaning the kitchen. I'm supposed to clean it on Fridays so that in itself isn't anything to write about its the fact that not even 24 hours later, you can't tell I had scrubbed it clean. Sigh. Such is the life of a mom with four kids and a Karl. Note to self... Next time, don't make spaghetti and chili right after you clean the damn kitchen.

Speaking of chili... I made a big ole vat of it. (the 12 qt stock pot I used is still sitting in the sink waiting to be leaned. Don't judge) I usually make a quadruple batch, cook 1/4 of it in a smaller pot for supper that night and 3/4 of it in the larger 12 qt pot and then put what's left into quart sized freezer bags for Karl's lunches. I put 2 cups in each bag which equates to a large bowl about. We just don't have the freezer space for about 20 bags so I put 4 or 5 bowlfuls (8-10 cups I can't remember) into 2 gallon size freezer bags and then just filled 5 or 6 quart sized ones. Our tiny freezer is currently at capacity so I'm glad I went that route.

Speaking of freezer space... I've been shopping around for a deep freeze and I found one at Lowes I'll probably be buying here shortly. I believe it's on sale until the 16th so I have to get on it. Plus I have a lowes movers coupon for an additional 10% off. We just have to decide where to put it in the basement because we kind of have an outlet shortage in the basement. Hopefully an extension cord plugged into the same outlet as the washing machine will suffice. I guess people in the 40s or early 50s (when we suspect our house was built) didn't need outlets in the basement?

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