Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

Just a quick little post for a quick little update.  In the 4 months that we've lived here, I have put exactly ONE picture on the wall.  I figured it was about time to start thinking about some wall art.  Sunday, Callie and Taylor wanted to go to the craft store so I took them.  I had to go to Lowe's anyway and they are close to each other.  I hadn't planned on getting anything at the craft store, but of course I did anyway!  They had big books of 12x12 scrapbook paper on sale for $10 (1/2 off) and 12x12 stretched canvases were also half off at $4.50 each.  I remembered seeing a few posts on pinterest about simply gluing a piece of scrapbook paper onto a canvas and hanging it on the wall.  Picture Gru from Despicable Me saying Light. Bulb! Because that's essentially what happened.  I might have even said it out loud in the aisle ha ha. I'm not going to do a tutorial here because this isn't my idea but here's what I used:

I picked out 4 simple monochromatic patterns, 2 green and 2 yellow. 

Glued them to the front of the canvas using just school glue and a foam brush.

Added picture wire to the back.

Took a few pictures of my assistant for this project.

Measured the wall to find the halfway point.

And hung them on the wall.

It did take some adjusting to get them to look like they are in a straight line.  I would really recommend those 3M command strips that are like plastic velcro and are specifically for hanging pictures!

Now, I don't intend for this to be their forever placement on the wall.  I was thinking on one of the smaller side walls.  But... I figured that if I had put these on the side walls first, it would look awkward that there was just an enormous blank span of wall that happens to be the focal point of the room.  I'm sure you agree... :)

Not bad for less than $30!

(and yes... if you look closely... you can see the remains of Max's painting project on the table!)

(I realize that the lighting and my photography skills are not all that great.  BUT if I wait until the lighting is perfect or until I figure out how to use this camera of mine, I'd never post anything!)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Almost a laptop desk

So, I recently became the proud owner of a new Macbook Pro. After a few days of using the laptop, well, on my lap, it became glaringly obvious that I needed some sort of desk or platform to set it on while I was typing.  While I could, I suppose, sit at the desk or the dining room table… That just seems so… formal or stuffy to me.  I prefer to be comfortable, haha. So… I turned to my trusty friend Pinterest for ideas.  A simple search for DIY laptop desk gave me several ideas for quick little builds.  However, this gem caught my eye:

Wanna know why??  Because I bought a beat up tray EXACTLY LIKE THAT at a garage sale a year or two ago.  My original intention for it was to cut the legs off and paint/refinish the tray portion to use as wall decor (thanks again, Pinterest!).  

Herein lies the problem: the tray is currently at the old house.  So... this project will have to be added to the "someday" project pile.  Sigh.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

guess what's growing in front of my house?

Look at my pretty flowers!! They're tulips, right?  Haha shows how much I know about plants and landscaping.

Thank you, previous owners! They make me so happy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just love that brand new MacBook smell!!!

It's true... I caved and bought a new MacBook Pro.  Love. It. I knew I would not be happy with a Windows laptop (even though it'd be cheaper by about half).  Now I just have to get everything all set up just how I want it.  I'm so used to the iPad and iPhone interface that I just want a darn app for everything haha.  I did spend a bit of time finding a RSS feed reader app.  I downloaded Reeder to try out.  I already like it so much better than the ipad app I was using.  Feedler or something it is called.  The problem with the ipad one is that I can't comment on the posts while in the app.  I have to open the post up in safari, and then it's not even guaranteed that the comment would post at all.  So I usually didn't bother with commenting.  Anyway... it looks like I'll have that ability in Reeder.  At least, there'll be less hoops to jump through.

Went to the chiropractor today about my achy back.  He said my rib was slightly out of place.  He seems to have fixed me.  The back is only slightly sore right now so hopefully I'll be back to running in a day or so.  At least I don't feel the need to dope myself with leftover pain medication from when the babies were born in order to just be able to sleep!

Wish I had a picture to stick in this quick little post but that is next on my to do list.  I am making this a lot harder than this needs to be.  I just want to be able to take pics on my phone and not have to spend several hours uploading them to whatever site (can't seem to figure out the flickr app and I have no idea what google plus is). Pictures I take with the Canon will be easy because I can insert the card to the MacBook and upload them that way.  Can't wait to do a proper post!!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ugh.... My vacation to CrazyTown

Complete lack of motivation here lately.  As in, no house projects have been worked on since about February.  Why?  Half marathon training, mostly.  My weekends have consisted of catching up on the housework I was too tired or lazy to do during the week (I'm supposed to run Tues, Weds, and Thursday from 3-5 miles) and gearing up for the long run.  This coming Saturday, I'll run my first double digit run of the year with a ten miler.

I also completely changed up my diet from a highly processed, high carb, near vegetarian diet to a paleo one.  I attempted a Whole30 starting on April 19.  I did fairly well.  I can't say that I completed a Whole30  because I did cheat a few times, but in general, I feel better than I did a month ago.  I learned a lot about myself and my eating habits in the process.  I was/am a total junk food sugar addict. I am also a stress eater.  I used to have a secret stash of cookies or candy that I would dig into when the kids would start bickering or if the noise level got too high in the house (absolutley cannot handle noise - it makes me so anxious).  I used to eat candy for breakfast.  True story.  It was my reason for getting out of bed in the morning!

I'm still a work in progess and I DO want to actually complete a Whole30, if only for the reason that it'd be something I can cross off my mega-long list of unfinished projects.

Currently, my breakfast consists of 3-4 scrambled cage free eggs, with sauteed green and red peppers and wilted spinach.  I usually add salt, pepper, and Chalula hot sauce.  Surprisingly, even with 4 eggs, a handful each of chopped red and green peppers and two big handfuls of spinach... I'm not full. I'm more hungry in the hours of 7am-3pm and sometimes I just don't feel like eating supper.  This is completely opposite to how I used to be.  I would eat most of my calories from 3pm-11pm, sometimes eating peanut butter cups after I've already gone to bed at night, depending on how crazy the kids were.

Lunch I haven't quite figured out yet, but lately it's been a can of tuna in olive oil mixed with spicy mustard, salt, and pepper mixed together with chopped romaine and some celery.

I've been trying different recipes for supper but I've been kind of sucking at that.  I'm just not used to cooking meat.

Tonight I'm fighting the urge to binge on cookie dough.  My back has been spasming all afternoon, the kids must have taken crazy pills, and my brother's dog (who I'm puppy sitting for a month) is driving me nuts with his lack of training.  So, in essence, I'm feeling a complete lack of control in my life right now. (pity party, table for one!) Most of my bills this month were late too, oops!  Can't imagine how wiped out I'd feel if I was training for a full marathon!