Sunday, May 26, 2013

Almost a laptop desk

So, I recently became the proud owner of a new Macbook Pro. After a few days of using the laptop, well, on my lap, it became glaringly obvious that I needed some sort of desk or platform to set it on while I was typing.  While I could, I suppose, sit at the desk or the dining room table… That just seems so… formal or stuffy to me.  I prefer to be comfortable, haha. So… I turned to my trusty friend Pinterest for ideas.  A simple search for DIY laptop desk gave me several ideas for quick little builds.  However, this gem caught my eye:

Wanna know why??  Because I bought a beat up tray EXACTLY LIKE THAT at a garage sale a year or two ago.  My original intention for it was to cut the legs off and paint/refinish the tray portion to use as wall decor (thanks again, Pinterest!).  

Herein lies the problem: the tray is currently at the old house.  So... this project will have to be added to the "someday" project pile.  Sigh.

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