Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just love that brand new MacBook smell!!!

It's true... I caved and bought a new MacBook Pro.  Love. It. I knew I would not be happy with a Windows laptop (even though it'd be cheaper by about half).  Now I just have to get everything all set up just how I want it.  I'm so used to the iPad and iPhone interface that I just want a darn app for everything haha.  I did spend a bit of time finding a RSS feed reader app.  I downloaded Reeder to try out.  I already like it so much better than the ipad app I was using.  Feedler or something it is called.  The problem with the ipad one is that I can't comment on the posts while in the app.  I have to open the post up in safari, and then it's not even guaranteed that the comment would post at all.  So I usually didn't bother with commenting.  Anyway... it looks like I'll have that ability in Reeder.  At least, there'll be less hoops to jump through.

Went to the chiropractor today about my achy back.  He said my rib was slightly out of place.  He seems to have fixed me.  The back is only slightly sore right now so hopefully I'll be back to running in a day or so.  At least I don't feel the need to dope myself with leftover pain medication from when the babies were born in order to just be able to sleep!

Wish I had a picture to stick in this quick little post but that is next on my to do list.  I am making this a lot harder than this needs to be.  I just want to be able to take pics on my phone and not have to spend several hours uploading them to whatever site (can't seem to figure out the flickr app and I have no idea what google plus is). Pictures I take with the Canon will be easy because I can insert the card to the MacBook and upload them that way.  Can't wait to do a proper post!!

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