Monday, May 20, 2013

Ugh.... My vacation to CrazyTown

Complete lack of motivation here lately.  As in, no house projects have been worked on since about February.  Why?  Half marathon training, mostly.  My weekends have consisted of catching up on the housework I was too tired or lazy to do during the week (I'm supposed to run Tues, Weds, and Thursday from 3-5 miles) and gearing up for the long run.  This coming Saturday, I'll run my first double digit run of the year with a ten miler.

I also completely changed up my diet from a highly processed, high carb, near vegetarian diet to a paleo one.  I attempted a Whole30 starting on April 19.  I did fairly well.  I can't say that I completed a Whole30  because I did cheat a few times, but in general, I feel better than I did a month ago.  I learned a lot about myself and my eating habits in the process.  I was/am a total junk food sugar addict. I am also a stress eater.  I used to have a secret stash of cookies or candy that I would dig into when the kids would start bickering or if the noise level got too high in the house (absolutley cannot handle noise - it makes me so anxious).  I used to eat candy for breakfast.  True story.  It was my reason for getting out of bed in the morning!

I'm still a work in progess and I DO want to actually complete a Whole30, if only for the reason that it'd be something I can cross off my mega-long list of unfinished projects.

Currently, my breakfast consists of 3-4 scrambled cage free eggs, with sauteed green and red peppers and wilted spinach.  I usually add salt, pepper, and Chalula hot sauce.  Surprisingly, even with 4 eggs, a handful each of chopped red and green peppers and two big handfuls of spinach... I'm not full. I'm more hungry in the hours of 7am-3pm and sometimes I just don't feel like eating supper.  This is completely opposite to how I used to be.  I would eat most of my calories from 3pm-11pm, sometimes eating peanut butter cups after I've already gone to bed at night, depending on how crazy the kids were.

Lunch I haven't quite figured out yet, but lately it's been a can of tuna in olive oil mixed with spicy mustard, salt, and pepper mixed together with chopped romaine and some celery.

I've been trying different recipes for supper but I've been kind of sucking at that.  I'm just not used to cooking meat.

Tonight I'm fighting the urge to binge on cookie dough.  My back has been spasming all afternoon, the kids must have taken crazy pills, and my brother's dog (who I'm puppy sitting for a month) is driving me nuts with his lack of training.  So, in essence, I'm feeling a complete lack of control in my life right now. (pity party, table for one!) Most of my bills this month were late too, oops!  Can't imagine how wiped out I'd feel if I was training for a full marathon!

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