Sunday, June 23, 2013

Genius, I am...

The morning of my daughter's 6th-grade graduation party I started to get nervous about a missing cabinet door.  Specifically, one of the doors for the undersink cabinet.  Why were we missing one in a brand new kitchen?  It broke.  Why?  I have no idea.  One day I left for work and had two cabinet doors... and when I got home... I had one.  How did it break?  Well... the screw holding the hinge to the frame snapped in half.  Or... It popped out and then snapped in half when Karl tried to screw it back in. I'm not really sure how it really went down.  All I know for sure is that I had a half of a screw in the spot where a whole screw needed to be in order for my door to go back on.

My first idea was to just move the hinge a little lower down the door.  The likelihood of anyone noticing was slim to none.  Except.... I have the European hidden hinge style... that look like this:

And are completely hidden from the outside:

In order to move the hinge, I'd need to be able to drill a new hinge cup hole.  That would require a Forstner Hinge Cup Bit like this one (but bigger) at a price range of $24-50:

THEN... I would need this "Jig It" kit because I don't have a drill press for another 40 some-odd dollars.

All I know is that that circle thing that looks like a steering wheel goes around the shaft of the drill bit and then just sits on the cabinet door to ensure that you are drilling straight.  Not sure how that works either... I would probably manage to mess it up somehow!

If I could find someone with a drill press (and buying a drill press was out of the question too... a cheapie one would run me well over 100 beans), all I would need (besides the Forstner bit) would be a set up guide for another $8.  Jeez Louise.... what sounded like a simple solution... "Well heck... I'll just move the hinge then!" was starting to become a very very expensive option.

On to Idea # 2... Removing the busted off piece of screw.  This was starting to look like it would be the one that would win.  Rockler sells a "screw extractor" for $14-17.

After you pull the busted screw out you repair the hole left behind with glue and a dowel.  Even though my dad assured me this would work, I had my doubts.  I would then have to screw into the dowel and while I know that the glue would hold the dowel in, I wasn't convinced that the dowel would hold the screw.  

So... I just kind of ignored the missing door for awhile...

For a month or maybe two that missing door mocked me.

Until that one morning a few weeks ago when panic started to set in.  My grandma was going to be coming over. I was frantically cleaning the kitchen and bathroom when a genius idea hit me like a ton of bricks. If I were to take the OTHER door off too... It would like like it was SUPPOSED to be that way.  Add a tension rod and a short curtain and BAM! Design feature.

So I hit up the ole Wal-Mart and picked up a tension rod

and the ONLY set of curtains that would fit that didn't scream "I'M CHEAPO KITCHEN THEMED CURTAINS FROM WALMART!!!" Seriously... I was NOT about to ruin my super smart genius idea by putting rooster covered fabric in the cabinet door's place.  Nor was I going to put up chubby Italian chef or coffee themed ones.  Seriously Wal-Mart... not everyone decorates their abodes with super mathcy themes.... (ahem... full disclosure here... when I first moved out 8 years ago or so... I DID have a coffee themed kitchen.  and I didn't drink coffee at the time.  sue me...).  So anyway... I found a sheer sagey green set.  Which I wasn't too crazy about either because it looks like it would fit better in my mom's kitchen than mine (she even said it looked like something she would pick out for her place haha).  But it works until I can either fix the cabinet doors or find a replacement curtain.

Don't you just love those random moments when you surprise yourself with how much of a genius you can be!?  Should have had my IQ tested that day hahahaha

Note: the images of the Forstner bit, Jig It kit, and screw extractor were shamelessly lifted from Rockler's website.  I'm not being compensated in ANY way for linking to their website.  I just like them.  :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

3,4, Paint the Door...

This weekend I was nursing a wicked sunburn so I didn't have much energy to do a whole heck of a lot.  I helped out with a fundraiser for my daughter's cheerleading team and was around shiny metal food lid covers (it was a roast sandwich fundraiser) from 11am-2:30 pm.  Ordinarily I think I would have just gotten a little pink but I looked and felt like I spent all day on the lake.  Ouch.  I ate ibuprofen like candy all weekend and kept myself covered in coconut oil.  I was really grumpy on Saturday so I took Taylor to Lowe's just to get out of the house.  We got a couple of mini paint samples (her color is probably a no-go.  mine is probably a keeper) and I decided since I had the van and the time and the space that day to just go ahead and pick up the lumber to make myself a Farmhouse Bed (I finished a bed each for Callie and Taylor a week or so ago.  Post is in the works).  I was going to work on building a kitchen island but I haven't 100% decided what I want so I put that project on hold for a bit.  I looked at the jigsaws but still just couldn't pull the trigger.

I am just slightly biased towards Ryobi (even though my dad scoffs at anything that is NOT DeWalt), even though the DeWalt was on sale for $80 (down from $100)

{ This DeWalt Jig Saw can be purchased here }

{ The Ryobi Jig Saw can be purchased here }

I didn't buy it because they didn't have a display out for me to test.  I have smallish hands (being sort of petite) and I NEED my tools to feel comfortable in my hands in order for me to feel safe using them.  My dad's DeWalt cordless drill (which I used to borrow all the time before I bought my Ryobi) is just SO HEAVY and feels a little awkward in my hands and I just didn't ever really enjoy using it. (Hence why I bought my own)  The only downside to being partial to Ryobi is that the nearest Home Depot is about 45 minutes away... and Lowe's is 5.  (I do have a DeWalt compound miter saw and a DeWalt random orbital sander so I have a nice mix of yellow in my tool arsenal!)

While I was deciding whether or not to actually buy the DeWalt jigsaw (and I couldn't just open the box like my dad suggested because it was wrapped both ways with plastic zip ties) Taylor pointed out the Porter Cable jig saw on sale for $60 (the same price that the Ryobi one is).  They did have a display for that one and I was impressed that it seemed to fit nicely in my hand.  It was heavy enough to feel solid, but not so heavy that it would feel cumbersome (not that that REALLY matters in a jig saw since most cuts would be on a horizontal surface).  But still...  I hesitated.

{ this porter cable jig saw can be purchased here }

The reviews on both the Porter Cable and the DeWalt are kinda iffy.  People either really liked it or they didn't.  and it seemed like if one thing was going to fail on it, it was the same thing throughout the negative reviews ( like where the blade inserts to the saw I think seemed to be faulty on one of them... can't remember which one though).

ANYWAY.... This post was supposed to be just a quick little update.  Yesterday I was feeling stir-crazy and wanted to do SOMETHING.  So... I painted my bedroom door white.  Here's what it's looked like for awhile:

Why the previous owners put white doors upstairs and el cheapo brown "wood" doors downstairs... I'll never know.  There's white trim throughout the house so the "wood" doors downstairs just look... unfinished.  I started to get nervous after the first coat of primer went on.  I was thinking... oh crap... I'm going to be painting all day and it's not going to get any better....

But... it did.  I ended up putting on 3 coats of this primer that I think I picked up at Wal-Mart (since primer is cheaper than white paint):

After an additional 2 coats of white paint (Valspar's Ultra White... it doesn't need to be mixed) my door looked like this:

Success!!!! It makes SUCH a difference!!!!

Note: I am not being compensated in ANY way for the links provided on the jigsaws.  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's a good day to buy a new couch...

So... our new couch was delivered today!  It is completely opposite of what I had in mind when I started shopping for a new one.  I wanted a classic style, with clean lines and in any color but brown.  I did not want leather.  I did not want a dual reclining option.  Well... I got a brown leather reclining couch hahaha.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that leather would suit our family best at this point in our lives.  Peepee and juice spills can be easily wiped off.  It has a higher back to keep Karl happy.  It was on sale so that made me happy... win win win all around.  It's a deep red-brown and not a light poop brown so it fits in ok with the rest of the house.  I HAD planned on doing a black and white striped curtain but I'll probably just pick a different color now instead of the black.  I'm not against mixing browns and blacks though so we'll see what I decide later. :)

In this second photo you can really see the reddish tint to it... or maybe you can't... haha I'm still trying to learn how to use my camera!

Like the toys my kids left out?  Just keepin it real...