Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Run Recap and Unrelated Injury

Yesterday I was scheduled to run an easy 2 miles.  I was still sore, but I wasn't limping so I wore the Vibrams again hoping that the run would ease the soreness a bit.  As I was about to head out the door... I noticed that my Garmin was dead.  Grr.... I already had my shoes on so I used the RunMeter app on my phone instead... which I ended up having to carry because I couldn't find my arm pocket. (I'm sure I could have found it if I spent 5 minutes looking for it but I just wanted to get out the door).  It felt a little bit muggy but I just let my legs dictate the pace.  I also didn't have immediate access to my pace (the app requires unlocking the phone and then waiting a second for the screen to update.  Ain't nobody got time for that lol!  Anyway... It was a pretty good run.  Woke me up (had been in a daze since rolling outta bed like 6 hours prior) and moved some lactic acid or whatever causes DOMS outta my legs.  Yay!

So I ended up being a wee bit faster than an easy pace but that's alright.

The rest of the day was kinda quiet... until I went to take Scout out for a walk.  I was going to take him on a nice long one since I flaked on his morning walk.  Little bit of a backstory: Where we live, mining iron ore is a major industry. Not sure of the exact process but the end result is these little metal pellets that are round.  They are loaded into open top box cars and shipped off somewhere via train.  So... at almost every train crossing, you'll find these spilled pellets.  When we were little my cousin used to love to visit because he would fill up jars of pellets that he'd find and take them home for slingshot ammo.  Anyway... so we're about to cross over the railroad tracks into the other side of town when... BAM.... down I go... right onto my right knee.  I also scraped up my right elbow and wrist. The elbow and wrist don't bother me but holy man... my knee hurts sooooo bad.  Before I even got up off of the ground I was thinking, "oh I hope I can still run!" (my second thought was thank god I wasn't wearing any lululemon haha) Once I was up it took about a minute for me to decide that I could even walk back home.  So, we turned around... and wouldn't you know it... I damn near slipped again on those pellets. Grr... Hobbled home and then took stock of the damage.  I had two big goose eggs - one right below my knee cap and one just about an inch lower at the top of my shin.  I also had 4 little bloodied scrapes, I'm assuming I must have landed right on top of 4 pellets.  Iced my knee all night and this is what it looks like this morning:

(It's the lighting that's making my leg look so pasty I swear)  On the right I'm pointing to the two swollen goosey eggs.  They are still slightly raised but not as bad as last night.  I can put weight on it... but it hurts if I try to put weight on it and bend it at the same time so walking is a bit of a chore.  

Probably wont be getting to today's scheduled workout: Ballet Beautiful Classic.  I'll try to get in maybe some core work and some Swan Arms instead.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to run 3 miles.  We'll see how I feel in the morning.

Upcoming training schedule:
Thurs: 3 mi
Fri: 3 mi
Sat: 3 mi
Sun: 4 mi

I'm in the base building phase so it's all at easy pace.  My first speed session isn't until August 27.  I'm nervous/excited for that!  I've never done a structured interval workout (up until now I've pretty much been a one pace wonder... although my shorter runs I'd go as fast as I could).  I was programming the workout into the Garmin website so that my watch would just beep when I had to either speed up or slow down and including the warm up and cool down miles, my first speed workout (12x400 with 400m recovery jog) will end up being 8 miles!!!!!  On a Tuesday!!!!  Total Craziness....

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Second run in my new Vibrams...

Well... I woke up sore on Sunday from my fantabulous 3 mile run the day before.  More than slightly sore... but not quite where's-the-walker sore.  So... I wore them for my 4 miler on Sunday.  I really struggled with this run.  But what was weird was that I still enjoyed it.  Speed wise... I didn't have any problems keeping it within my prescribed "easy" pace of 10:30-11:00 per mile.  My legs were tired and a little achy.  I suppose this is what the Hansons marathon method [that is not an affiliate link... That's just where I purchased book from and I actually have the kindle version... wish I had the hard copy instead... just saying...] is all about... the cumulative fatigue.

In comparison, the 3 miler on Saturday I averaged 10:11/mile, I think.  

Yesterday, Monday... holy smokes... I was a hurting... Still am hurting a little actually.  But yesterday was bad.  Still though... I don't regret wearing the Vibrams on Sunday.  

One thing I noticed on Sunday was that the inside of my right knee was not aching.  I also noticed that my right shoulder wasn't getting all weird.  It's an odd thing... my right shoulder... Normally when I run it's like it gets tired... or out of place... or something... and I have to readjust my bra and shrug my shoulder a bit every 3/4 mile.  I can't even describe it... I think what happens is my right shoulder comes forward a bit as I would run... like I'm leading with it or something.  Not sure if my arm swings more than the left, but I imagine that it does.  

Now... it could be that my body was focusing so much on the tiredness in the calves and the achiness in the hips that I didn't notice the pain in right knee and the weird thing my right shoulder does.

Or... it could be that my form is better in the Vibrams so my right side didn't have to compensate for my left...

I'm hoping for the latter...

I'm scheduled for a 2 miler today.  I'm undecided if I'll wear the Vibrams or if I'll wear my Brooks (pure flow 1).  I'm leaning towards the Vibrams, but I do worry about seriously injuring my sore muscles.

If anyone's curious about my run outfit, it's a lululemon pace setter skirt (in power purple from the 2012 release), black cool racerback tank, and a black all sport bra topped off with my fave Under Armour visor (same one isn't available on their website)

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

overwhelmingly busy... kinda...

Just going to be a quick little blurb.  The month of July has not been kind to me. Financially it was tight. Emotionally it was draining.

I kept myself busy by starting a round of Insanity.  I made it longer than I thought I would... 3 weeks!  And I didn't quit working out altogether... I needed to start training for my next half marathon so I've been either running or doing Ballet Beautiful in place of the Insanity workouts. After this next half marathon (October 26) and my next race in June, I will do a full round of Insanity.  I may do a workout here and there as cross training but most likely I will just do Ballet Beautiful or some sort of core workout.  I have weakness (or something) in my left side so I'm hoping the strength training helps.  This is what's wrong with my left side:  my hip is tight (like... the front of it..?) and I get IT band pain a lot.  Last year during my first half marathon, I nearly dropped out the IT band in my left knee was so painful.  Now it's not my knee but the side of my hip.  Additionally, my left foot/ankle is quite stiff in the mornings and if I sit for awhile and the bottom of my heel aches.  It is not a stabbing pain in the heel, but more a dull ache that's always there.

I had been running in Brooks Pure Flows... but I decided they just weren't working for me anymore.  I once loved them... enough to buy a second pair... but lately they've just felt... heavy and clunky.  Maybe because it's summer now and I'm barefoot more often?  I'm not sure... but I'm never been one to really like shoes much.  Anyway... I decided I needed an even more minimal shoe (the Pure Flow has a 4mm heel drop I believe, so I was pretty close to the ground as it was).  So... I ordered a pair of Vibram Bikilas.

Today I took my first run in them: 3 miles easy.  It was the most glorious run I've had in a really long time.  I actually had FUN.  Despite it being only like 55* and slightly raining.  I ran a little faster than I was supposed to but I felt like I could run forever.  We'll see if I have any soreness from it in the morning... if not... then these babies will be accompanying me on my easy 4 miler tomorrow!