Saturday, July 27, 2013

overwhelmingly busy... kinda...

Just going to be a quick little blurb.  The month of July has not been kind to me. Financially it was tight. Emotionally it was draining.

I kept myself busy by starting a round of Insanity.  I made it longer than I thought I would... 3 weeks!  And I didn't quit working out altogether... I needed to start training for my next half marathon so I've been either running or doing Ballet Beautiful in place of the Insanity workouts. After this next half marathon (October 26) and my next race in June, I will do a full round of Insanity.  I may do a workout here and there as cross training but most likely I will just do Ballet Beautiful or some sort of core workout.  I have weakness (or something) in my left side so I'm hoping the strength training helps.  This is what's wrong with my left side:  my hip is tight (like... the front of it..?) and I get IT band pain a lot.  Last year during my first half marathon, I nearly dropped out the IT band in my left knee was so painful.  Now it's not my knee but the side of my hip.  Additionally, my left foot/ankle is quite stiff in the mornings and if I sit for awhile and the bottom of my heel aches.  It is not a stabbing pain in the heel, but more a dull ache that's always there.

I had been running in Brooks Pure Flows... but I decided they just weren't working for me anymore.  I once loved them... enough to buy a second pair... but lately they've just felt... heavy and clunky.  Maybe because it's summer now and I'm barefoot more often?  I'm not sure... but I'm never been one to really like shoes much.  Anyway... I decided I needed an even more minimal shoe (the Pure Flow has a 4mm heel drop I believe, so I was pretty close to the ground as it was).  So... I ordered a pair of Vibram Bikilas.

Today I took my first run in them: 3 miles easy.  It was the most glorious run I've had in a really long time.  I actually had FUN.  Despite it being only like 55* and slightly raining.  I ran a little faster than I was supposed to but I felt like I could run forever.  We'll see if I have any soreness from it in the morning... if not... then these babies will be accompanying me on my easy 4 miler tomorrow!

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