Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Second run in my new Vibrams...

Well... I woke up sore on Sunday from my fantabulous 3 mile run the day before.  More than slightly sore... but not quite where's-the-walker sore.  So... I wore them for my 4 miler on Sunday.  I really struggled with this run.  But what was weird was that I still enjoyed it.  Speed wise... I didn't have any problems keeping it within my prescribed "easy" pace of 10:30-11:00 per mile.  My legs were tired and a little achy.  I suppose this is what the Hansons marathon method [that is not an affiliate link... That's just where I purchased book from and I actually have the kindle version... wish I had the hard copy instead... just saying...] is all about... the cumulative fatigue.

In comparison, the 3 miler on Saturday I averaged 10:11/mile, I think.  

Yesterday, Monday... holy smokes... I was a hurting... Still am hurting a little actually.  But yesterday was bad.  Still though... I don't regret wearing the Vibrams on Sunday.  

One thing I noticed on Sunday was that the inside of my right knee was not aching.  I also noticed that my right shoulder wasn't getting all weird.  It's an odd thing... my right shoulder... Normally when I run it's like it gets tired... or out of place... or something... and I have to readjust my bra and shrug my shoulder a bit every 3/4 mile.  I can't even describe it... I think what happens is my right shoulder comes forward a bit as I would run... like I'm leading with it or something.  Not sure if my arm swings more than the left, but I imagine that it does.  

Now... it could be that my body was focusing so much on the tiredness in the calves and the achiness in the hips that I didn't notice the pain in right knee and the weird thing my right shoulder does.

Or... it could be that my form is better in the Vibrams so my right side didn't have to compensate for my left...

I'm hoping for the latter...

I'm scheduled for a 2 miler today.  I'm undecided if I'll wear the Vibrams or if I'll wear my Brooks (pure flow 1).  I'm leaning towards the Vibrams, but I do worry about seriously injuring my sore muscles.

If anyone's curious about my run outfit, it's a lululemon pace setter skirt (in power purple from the 2012 release), black cool racerback tank, and a black all sport bra topped off with my fave Under Armour visor (same one isn't available on their website)

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