Saturday, August 3, 2013


It has been absolutely gorgeous running weather the last week or so... upper 60's to lower 70s for highs and only like 40-60% humidity. The sun's been out too!!! I got my 3 miler in last night thanks to my mom and David taking the two crazies on a walk.  I was so excited that I got to get out and run that I went waaaaay too fast.  I developed a severe side stitch and it's actually still sore today.  Anyway... I think my average pace was 10:09... something like that.  So... technically it is still in the "easy" pace range of 1-2 min/mi slower than race pace (9:00) but it was too fast for yesterday.  I also didn't eat much of anything yesterday and I've been having just an off week.  I'm super tired and the kids have been crazy little soul sucking gremlins.

Today I was still trying to wake up at 1:00.  I got up at 8.  At about 1:30, I had an epiphany... "I'd wake up if I went for a run"

Except I was on my own with the kidlets.  So I got my duds on and snuck downstairs for 3 easy miles.  Set the treadmill for 5.6 mph and ended up with something like a 10:43 pace.  I even watched the last like 35 minutes of the 2012 marathon trials in Houston.  I was channeling my inner Olympian haha

I was undisturbed for 31 minutes.  I came upstairs and the house was quiet.  My first thought was those little sh*ts went outside to play.  Hollered for Max and he said they were upstairs playing garbage truck.  Ok... I go upstairs and Max says... "cede ate all your brown candy"  "what candy?" (I was playing dumb... Karl had in fact bought a bag of mini pb cups and I had left the bag on the counter) "the candy on the counter. there's only one left"

Cede ate probably half a bag of pb cups. and I wasn't even mad... I was more concerned about her weeks worth of sugar overdose.  And I was also a little relived as bad as that sounds because then I wouldn't be tempted to eat the rest of the bag myself.

In case you were wondering... They had a truck that they had filled up with all of the wrappers from the pb cups and were driving around their rooms looking for a spot to dump their garbage.  sigh.

my little binge eater accomplished all of this in a span of 30 minutes.  And she had help from a certain 4 year old reaching the candy because there was no chair pushed up to the counter and I didn't hear one dragging across the floor overhead.

Who could ever get mad at this face?  

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