Monday, August 19, 2013

KT tape

Today was a little busy.  Callie and Taylor started volleyball at the bright and early hour of 8am.  I dropped them off and got back shortly after 8.  I figured I'd have time to get a Ballet Beautiful workout in before Max and Cede woke up (Karl was home) but they were wide awake and sitting on the couch when I got home.  Lovely.

I did the first 23 minutes (the Bridge series and the Ab section) and then went and took a shower.  I did the workout in flannel shorts and a cotton tee and yea... I'm never doing that again!  I felt so gross!

Anyway... went back and picked up the girls, made everyone lunch, then went into the office.

My foot is still uber painful.  It wasn't THAT bad until I had to do some grocery shopping and walking around on the cement floor was excruciating.  Soul-sucking.  Put me in a cranky mood for quite awhile.  

I did FINALLY buy some KT tape while I was there.  I opted just to get the basic black cotton kind.  Watched a video on youtube and whammo!

I'm all taped up.  I actually had to retape it after about an hour because it was starting to come up.  While my foot still hurts, it feels supported with the tape.  So... I'm sold.  It's almost like it takes a little bit of the edge off of the pain.  I'm going to keep this taped up 24/7 and see what happens.

Max was soooo crazy tonight.  I couldn't get him to eat lunch, and he only ate a little bit of cheese and an ear of corn for supper.  Right when it was bedtime he tells me he's hungry.  ugh.  I KNOW you're hungry.  I've known you were hungry all day.  Please eat tomorrow... He told me he was going to make a pb sandwich when he wakes up.  It's a near daily battle to get this kid to eat.

It's Monday and that means it's Lululemon upload night!!! 

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