Tuesday, August 27, 2013

no running, day 14: physical therapy and (gasp!) stress fracture

Today I had my very first physical therapy appointment.  Since I've never gone before... I wasn't sure what to expect.  I was there for an hour and 15 minutes!  She had me do all kinds of things with my foot trying to get to the root of the problem - whether I have tendonitis or a stress fracture.  Unfortunately for me, she's leaning towards a stress fracture.  In my mind... I was already starting to suspect that.  She wasn't 100% sure though... she was just leaning that way... but I'm not sure what was keeping her from saying for sure.  I think probably cause I walk (well... limp) on it, and it's not swollen or bruised. I'm starting to think I have a really high tolerance for pain since I'm always hurting somewhere... it's just a normal thing for me.

She didn't tell me anything I didn't already suspect.  I was ok with it all.  I'm ready to start the healing so I can get back to the running.

She taped up both of my feet before I left to support my arches (oh I really really really hope she doesn't suggest I wear big clunkers for shoes.  Because I won't wear them) and i gotta say... it feels pretty good.

I think what makes it feel good is the fact that the sides of my foot are compressed in both the way she taped (above) and the way I had been taping it (below)

She also told me that walking around the Mall of America for 2 days and then doing more shopping on a third day... probably didn't help my foot any.  This I know... it did hurt more.  But there wasn't much I could do... can't disappoint my ladies... we've been planning this trip for over a month!

I've got some exercises I've been instructed to do.  Apparently my GLUTES are my weak area.  I thought it was my core!?  So lots more Ballet Beautiful bridge series will be in my immediate future!

Last night was lululemon upload night... and I fell asleep before upload.  Guess I just missed out on having lots of ordering issues.  The plum wonder unders and crops were uploaded and sold out right away.  I might have bought those (if I'd been awake) if I hadn't bought these crops from american eagle over the weekend.  I will probably order more in the other colors.  Problem is... is I bought a small... and I think they are a smidge too small.  The fabric gets a little shiny and white when I stretch.  When I tried on the mediums, they were baggy a little at the knee.  But for just lounging around the house they are fine (and they were 40% off so you can't beat that!).

Anyway... I haven't placed my lulu order yet (will likely be the plum CRB and the heathered plum long sleeve swiftly).  I also want the inkwell dance studio pants and will likely order those too!  I really need to get a new full length mirror (Mr. Max broke ours...) so I can post pics of my new lulu goodies as they arrive!!

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