Wednesday, August 21, 2013

no running, day 8

Today started out with an orthodontist appt for little Miss Taylor.  Cede came with.  The three of us spent the morning in town running errands and a wee bit o' shopping.  We had to stop at the sporting goods store because Taylor and Callie wanted another pair of spandex shorts for volleyball practice.  We stopped at Walmart for a few groceries.  blah blah blah...

Volleyball practice was from 3-5 this afternoon (instead of the 8-10 am it was Monday and Tuesday).  After I dropped them off I came back and Cede and I went upstairs with our yoga mats and did the full Ballet Beautiful classic workout.  Ok... so I did the workout... she played tea party with her bears on hers.  It was fantabulous.  I need to remember how amazingly awesome I feel after that workout.  Relaxed yet full of endorphins.  Love it.

Later in the evening, while Cede was in the tub, I got my plank on.

I probably could have eeked out a few more seconds, but I'm pretty happy with this time!  My last two plank times were 1:00 and 1:30.  Love seeing progress.

My foot is significantly less painful today.  Well... by the end of the day I should say.  Still keeping it taped with KT tape.  I redid it this evening as it was starting to really come un stuck on the edges, so it lasted 2 days.  I noticed a few hours after retaping that its already starting to come up a week bit on the side of my foot so we'll see how long this one lasts.  Still loving it!!!!  

I'm really really really really really hoping that starting next week I'll be back to running.  I'm obviously going to have to modify my training plan and probably my time goal.  Send foot healing vibes my way!!!!

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