Wednesday, August 14, 2013

prednisone, day 1

This morning I woke up to an EXTREMELY sore right foot.  Apparently maybe I shouldn't have run yesterday?  Still don't regret it haha

I took some Tylenol to tide me over until I picked up the prednisone Rx.  That did jack squat.  I dropped Max and Cede off at daycare and went to the pharmacy where I'm sure that the 90 year old with the walker gave me dirty looks for walking so dern slow.  I gave him dirty looks because he obviously doesn't know how to share.  I can walk faster buddy if you just let me borrow that thing!!!

Anyway.... I took my first dose and felt just as much pain until probably 4:30... which is when I remembered that my RoadRunnerSports order came with my compression sleeves.  Tossed those puppies on (which... was a struggle... I think I should have gotten a medium... no I know I should have gotten a medium because my calves measure 1" larger than the size range for a small.  I measured today) and almost instantly... my foot started feeling better.  Could be a coincidence I dunno.  I got some much needed cleaning done and then my legs and back started to feel a little tired and achy so I sat on my duff the rest of the night.

My legs got even more achy as the evening wore on.  They feel like they want to be stretched sooooo bad.  Wish I could go for a shake-out run my little quad and hammie friends... but today is rest day.  hopefully tomorrow wont end up being a forced rest day.

Nothing makes me crankier than wanting to run and being physically unable to.

Well... I hear prednisone can make one pretty cranky too.

Chances are... I'm going to be a grump tomorrow.

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