Friday, August 16, 2013

prednisone, day 3

Woke up to a still sore foot.  And it made me very grumpy.  I spent the majority of the day feeling sorry for myself.  I didn't run today either.  I'm sure I could have.  But I'd be back at square one and unable to walk tomorrow.  I'm sure of it.

Granted... there is less pain than Wednesday.  But I'm still limping.  I'm still feeling pain with every step.

Karl was feeling stir-crazy again today and wanted to go to Duluth with the kids to get out of the house.  We stopped at our fave restaurant, Gordy's, in Cloquet and went down to Canal Park to harass the seagulls and watch one of the huge shipping boats come in.

Cede and Max had a blast.  After running around chasing seagulls, Cede walked around pretending she was one.  She made a lot of people smile.  I videotaped it.  Can't wait to show it to her boyfriends later. :)

Before we left, we stopped at Cold Stone.  Max and Cede have never been there before that I'm aware of.  Max wanted green ice cream so he got mint and added gummi bears to his.

Cede wanted pink ice cream and picked out the fruit punch sorbet.  I tried to talk her into adding m&ms or gummi bears or something else yummy but she wanted Nilla crackers.  Silly girl.  The guy behind the counter even giggled a bit.  When Cede makes up her mind about something well... you just kind of have to go with it.  She's going to be SOOO much fun as a teenager.  I can tell.  But... her creation was actually tasty!!

I've been reading Run: The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel by Matt Fitzgerald (not an affiliate link) and just tonight... I happened to come to the chapter on injuries.  I've only just started the chapter, but I've already been enlightened to the fact that a negative attitude on our injuries can actually delay healing.  I'm going to try to get through the chapter tonight before I fall asleep.  Tomorrow I'm going to be annoyingly positive about my tendonitis... just you wait and see!!!

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