Monday, August 26, 2013

still here... still no running :(

Just a quick update.  My daily blogging streak was interrupted by an epic shopping trip to the Mall of America last weekend.  Internet at the hotel was r e a l l y slow and I didn't feel like fighting it just to keep the streak alive.

I was unable to tape my foot two of the days because I forgot a pair of scissors... and I didn't really try too hard to find some at the mall.  Got a hold of a small pair so I could tape up on Sunday.  Two days of lots of walking was murder on my foot without the support of the tape.  I wore my old pair of Brooks instead of flip flops so I'm hoping I kept the damage to a minimum.  I'm really getting sick of the constant pain.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will mark the 2 week "anniversary" of my last run.  In the grand scheme of things... 2 weeks isn't a long time.  But that run feels like it might as well have been 2 months ago.

I've been trying to get my endorphin fix from doing Ballet Beautiful.  It's been taking the edge off.

I have my first day of physical therapy tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have more to write about.

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