Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Totes Cray-Cray"

Wow... yesterday was um.... in the words of Taylor "totes cray-cray."  Which I guess is cool kid speak for totally crazy.

It all started at the wee hour of 5:00am when Karl had to get up for a 6am shift.  Sometimes I go back to bed, sometimes not.  Yesterday was a not.  As a side note... I actually prefer getting up early.  But the funny thing is... is that I usually don't use that "extra" time wisely.  I just watch the news (which as we all know... repeats itself like every half hour), go on Facebook, Instagram, and generally just putz around on the internet.  Lame.  And I'm not even really fully awake either.  But if I sleep in, and have to jump right in on my day... I'm all grumpy and feel rushed all day.  totes cray-cray I know.  Wish I could be one of those people that jump out of bed at 5am singing "it's a beautiful morning!!" and get workout in, laundry started, house cleaned, dishes done, and showered before 8am.  But I'm not.  I might have been at one point in my life... in middle school I used to get up at about 5 or so and do my homework or study for a test I had that day.  My brain doesn't function on the highest level in the evenings apparently.  ANYWAY... wow... long tangent...

The little kiddos got up around... 9am... which is actually early for them.  After awhile we all got dressed, and went into town so I could stop at the office.  (wow... my kiddos are totes cray-cray when exposed to water dispenser machines, copiers, adding machines, and vending machines... oh and bells on doors that ring when you open them...) And then... we went to McDonald's for lunch.  We did the drive through.  I always pull off to the side to hand the kids their nummies (seems safer than trying to do while driving... correct me if I'm wrong here) and I noticed that they were missing the apples.  ugh... that's sometimes the only thing in the happy meal that they actually eat.  (told you my kids were totes cray-cray).  Oh well... they got minions as their toy so all was well with the world.

After we got home and ate... I got this totes cray-cray idea that my brother's dog Scout (who's staying with us for a awhile), could REALLY use a bath.  He's half lab and has been shedding like crazy.  He also smells like a foot.  that's been ensconced in a wet moldy boot. for like a week.  ish.  which makes my house and carpet not smell so nice and if you know anything about me... my entire mood can be turned sour if I walk home and my house smells funky. I figured maybe I can get a handle on this minor issue of having dog hair covering every surface of my house if I could try to get some of the loose fur off in one shot.

So... we brushed him out with this mitt thing and a rubba scrubba.  Ended up with a baseball size clump of fur.  In the bath he goes.  That was fun.  No really... it wasn't bad.  Max and Cede thought it was hilarious to have a dog in the bathtub (ozzy gets bathed at the groomers).

I was nervous about fur that didn't brush out going down the drain.  I don't have a hair strainer and if I waited until I purchased one... Scout wouldn't get his bath-like ever.  Gotta do things when I'm inspired to do them or it just won't happen.

So I improvised.  I grabbed a used dryer sheet to hold down over the drain to act as a sieve. Worked pretty well I think!  I have yet to take a shower to see if the drain is clogged though.

The drain is on the right and I left the dryer sheet in for the picture.  

Next I decided to tackle Scout's kennel.  Washed his blankets (which were of course covered in fur) and swept the inside.  Check out what was waiting for me when I moved his kennel away from the wall:


Cede and I brushed him out a couple more times as he was drying because even MORE fur was coming off.  Jeez... how this dog has any fur left is beyond me... 

Started making supper so that it'd be ready when Karl got home at 6pm (Sloppy joes if you're curious). Well ... he didn't end up getting home until almost 9.  Just got stuck at work.  yuck.

Kids's schedule was all screwed up.

In the meantime... Callie and Taylor stopped by quick to pack for this weekend (they are at their dad's this week).  And it was revealed to me that Callie shattered the screen to her iphone.  Poor girl... she was traumatized.  We have an old iphone for her to use in the meantime until we can get the screen fixed. 

So there was THAT.

And Max and Cede were going cray-cray because big sissies were home.

Cede even tried to hold me hostage upstairs.

Max's popcorn bag exploded all over the living room floor (ok so it just ripped but it looked like an explosion... thank god for dogs that have no concept of the five second rule).

And then the kiddos didn't go to bed until 10:30 or so.  Cede threw a temper tantrum about having to go to bed and actually screamed herself to exhaustion.  We shut the windows in the middle of it.  You're welcome, neighbors.

And... up again at 5am.  yay.  but I already feel productive.  I made myself scrambled eggs and loaded the dishwasher all before 7am!  Whoo hoo!

On the training schedule today is an easy 3 miles.  Not sure when I'll get it in.  With Cal and Tay at their dad's I don't have my automatic babysitter.  Maybe they'll stop by quick this afternoon so I can sneak out for a half hour since their dad only lives about a 1/2 mile away.  If not... i'll just suck it up on the dreadmill downstairs that hasn't seen any action since like April when the snow melted.

Well... I think I'm going to try to wake up the little gremlins so maybe they'll go to bed earlier tonight. (it's 8:30am)  I'll leave you with what they consider to be fun.

"Mom lock us in the cage!!"

Happy to oblige.

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