Monday, August 12, 2013

Trying to keep off the DL

Is that what it's called in baseball?  The DL?  The disabled list?  I'm too lazy to google it so let's just pretend it is if it's not, ok?

Little factoid about me:  Something almost always hurts somewhere on my body at any given time.  I just learn to live with it... and I can... so long as it's one spot at a time.

For the last few months, my left heel has been bugging me... well my heel/ankle.  It's like a dull ache and I wake up with my ankle kinda stiff.  Just figured I have some weird kind of plantar fasciitis.  It's not a sharp pain, but it doesn't ever go away really throughout the day.  Obviously I run on it just fine.  In fact... that's kind of the only time that it doesn't ache... is when I'm running.  It throbs a bit more when I'm done though.  Boo.

Last Friday, on a easy 4 miler in my Vibrams, my RIGHT foot started aching... top of my foot.... Dr. Google said it was likely tendonitis.  I've been icing like crazy!  On Saturday, I ran another 4 miles but I wore my Brooks Pure Flows.  No pain.  BUT it's been aching off and on still.  Double boo.

I ended up having to skip my 5 miler yesterday because my dad brought over some sour gummy worms and I didn't think I ate too many but I must have and I had the WORST stomach ache ever.  Being vertical was excruciating.  Triple boo.

This morning.... I woke up with a super stiff and painful neck and shoulder.




I called the chiropractor and was able to get in at 2:30 this afternoon.  He felt my back and said my entire right side of my back was so. tight.  He got me all put back together but said I'd likely still be sore for a few hours.  IT'S BEEN LIKE 8 NOW!!!!!!  I iced it earlier (along with my right foot) and just put some pain relieving cream on.  I smell like a peppermint.

Today is a scheduled rest day and so thus I have taken TWO days off of running.  My legs are kind of angry with me.  They just want to run!  HOPEFULLY I can get back to it tomorrow.  I'm scheduled for 5 easy miles.

Back to Thursday... After my run (I was nursing an insanely sore left calf muscle... like... I seriously thought I strained it Sunday on the treadmill), I really wanted to put compression socks on.  I have two pairs... but one pair is missing its mate. sad face.  I wore the complete pair on Sunday and Monday and then they got tossed into the laundry. (you're welcome, family) So Thursday I just wore the lonely compression sock.... and Cede made fun of me for it until I found another random sock for my naked foot.  Like she's never ran around with just one sock on before.... jeez....

And yes... my toes did feel a little funny inside of a compression sock made for a right foot... but only for about 5 minutes... then they got over it.

I have a pair of CEP calf sleeves coming from RoadRunnerSports.  I hope they come tomorrow... then I can wear them under my work pants AND still wear my signature flip flops.  I also hope this little bit o' tendonitis clears itself right up so I can get back to my regularly scheduled running.  I'm starting to get cranky.

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