Thursday, October 3, 2013

Halloween Wall Sticker Review

Last Friday, I saw this at Lowe's:

It was only $4 so I figured, why not!?

The price should have been my first clue....

Here's what it looks like all unrolled:

And up on the wall:

I was excited because it looked really neat up on that massive expanse of blank wall above the staircase.

The excited feeling was short lived however.

Within 5 minutes they all started to do this:

Slowly, one by one, they all started to come down. Sad face.

Perhaps it is the paint on that wall (Benjamin Moore in flat) or maybe it's just the lack of stickiness on the stickers but this product was a bust for me. 

On Saturday I did have trouble getting the green painter's tape to stick to that same paint so I took one of the stickers that had fallen and tried it on a different wall upstairs and.... It didn't really wanna stick all of the way either.

Oh well. Sometimes you really do get whatcha pay for.

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