Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY Painted Chevron Wall!

I realized I never wrote up a post about my chevron wall project.  I did post it on Facebook.. so some people got to see it already!

I ended up doing this right around October 1.  I'm not going to get into details on how I did it since I used someone else's tutorial. This one to be exact.

Here are the pics of the project in progress:

(First chalk line snapped!)

After all of the chalk lines were up I used the level and a shorter ruler to draw the chevrons on with a pencil, as described in the tutorial I followed. And then because I couldn't wait to tape until all of the lines were drawn, I also taped as I went.

(It went a lot faster after I started cutting the tape with scissors.  I had been trying to simply tear it.  I can't be the only one in the world that never thought to use scissors!!!)

(The kids thought it would be a great time to destroy the living room...)

(nearly done taping!)

(Painted a coat of white first to "seal" the edges of the tape.  Not convinced this worked...)

(Two coats of Valspar's Sharkfin)

(Et voila!)

Pulling the tape off was definitely the best part.  There were a dozen or so spots that I had to go back and touch up with a tiny paint brush (like 1/2" wide craft brush).  I also had to take a wet rag and wash off the visible pencil marks that didn't get painted over (they were under the tape).  There was also some of that blue chalk line stuff I had to wipe off.  Easy peasy.  

Since taking that pic I have angled the couch in front of the chevron wall and plan to put a large piece of art up that is a mostly solid color to break up the illusion of movement that the chevrons create.  At least a little bit. :)

You'll notice that the adjacent wall is missing some paint.  When I first painted the living room back in February or March, there were bookshelves along the wall that is now covered in chevrons.  I was too lazy to move them back then (haha) so that is the "Final Paint and Touch Up in the Living Room" item that was on my House Project List.  That color is Benjamin Moore's Thundercloud Gray.  I got three gallons of it at my local paint shop for $5 a pop because they were mistints and the cans had gotten wet and were starting to rust.  So... I had gotten over $90 worth of paint for $15!!!!!!  It was really close to the gray I was thinking about getting at the time so of course I had to take it.  I "boxed" the paint right away. Boxing your paint is essentially dumping all of the gallons into a 5 gallon bucket to ensure uniformity of color when you are painting areas that are going to require more than one gallon.  I wasn't sure if the rust on the outside was also on the inside of the cans (they weren't) so I didn't want any surprises halfway through painting. Worked fantastic!

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