Thursday, November 21, 2013

House Project Goals (Winter 2013-2014)

Right around Halloween/ November 1st I made a list of projects I hope to accomplish over the "winter season."  Essentially... November through about April.  I tucked the list into my planner intending to get it posted here but forgot about it... of course.  So... some of these things I already get to cross off!  Yay!!!

House Project Goals (Winter 2013-2014)

  • Add Attic Insulation 
  • Finish Island (add trim to sides, possibly replace silver legs with wooden ones)
  • Finish my bed
  • Refinish bar stools
  • Refinish pub table
  • Entryway lockers
  • Paint Entryway
  • Put cable TV upstairs
  • Paint kitchen
  • Paint kitchen cabinets (? still deciding if I REALLY want to do this...)
  • Fix garage door opener
  • Add more smoke detectors
  • Final paint and touch ups in living room
  • DIY roman shades in main floor bathroom
  • DIY roman shades in kitchen 
  • Under cabinet lighting install
  • Recaulk bathtub
  • Paint oval baroque mirrors and hang up
  • Add large clock in living room by stairs
  • Paint kitchen side of bathroom door
  • Paint kitchen side of basement door
  • Add 1x3s or trim to bedroom door
  • Repaint Cede's bed
  • Add handlebars to scooter
  • Paint scooter
I'll update this list halfway through winter.  Hopefully there's more to cross off!

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