Friday, November 1, 2013

Kitchen Island Update

knew moving into this house that it needed an island.

Finally, after about 10 months, I have one!

It measures approximately 30" wide by 60" long and 36" tall.

This was a DIY job made easy by using mostly IKEA parts. 

This is what I did:

I took an Expedit bookcase and flipped it on its side.  I went with white because I hope to get the cabinets painted white over the winter.

Then, I purchased four 4" legs (and the corresponding mounting brackets) from Lowe's, painted them white, and attached them to the bottom of the expedit.

The top of the island is really one of IKEA's mix and match line of desk tops with two of their silver adjustable table legs on the seating side. 

To attach the top to the expedit I used two 3" corner brackets because that's what I had on hand leftover from when I made brackets for curtain rods this last spring. Smaller ones would have worked as well.

Et voila! 

Eventually I would like to replace the silver legs with wood ones like these:

And add some trim on both sides of the expedit to cover up the silver bolts and make it more in line with the cabinet door style.

I haven't decided 100% what I'm going to store in the cube sections... Most likely it'll be the plastic food storage containers and extra ziploc bags and paper towels.

Oh! The bar stools! They are cast offs of my mom's. They were just supposed to be temporary while I save up for the ones that I want (which are $60 a pop), but I think I might just refinish them and keep them.

Next kitchen project: more lighting!!!!!!!! Stay tuned....

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