Saturday, November 2, 2013

Minnesota Winter Prep

And.... I'm almost ready for winter. Today we added over 15" of cellulose insulation to our attic. We had about 3-4" of vermiculite insulation that has probably been there for 60 years. It definitely wasn't enough. We had nasty nasty icicles hanging from our eaves that were dern close to hitting the ground in some spots. Not to mention the fact that it cost us over $1600 in fuel oil to heat the place from mid January to about the end of April. And I am a heat nazi that keeps the house a little on the chilly side. How did previous owners of this house live with it for that long??? 

In June we replaced the old furnace with a more efficient one for natural gas, so that along with the added insulation should hopefully keep our heating costs down to a more manageable level. 

Additionally, most windows will be getting the plastic treatment (not in the kitchen or the downstairs bathroom).

I only managed to get two pics from the day. Callie and I were in charge of loading the bags of cellulose into the blower, my dad was up in the attic (Karl was at work), and Taylor was in charge of keeping an eye on Max and Mercedes and also for being the communicator between us girls outside and my dad in the attic. It only took us a little over an hour to blow in 40 bags.

We could have a blizzard overnight and I would be ok with that. Mercedes still needs a new winter coat though... And both Max and she need snow pants and boots... That will be my task this week. 

Still though.... It should only snow on Christmas. Otherwise I pretty much despise the white stuff.

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