Friday, November 22, 2013

One Big Project Update

Rather than wait around for me to find the "perfect" time to write up beautiful posts about the projects I've completed in the last couple of weeks... I'm just going to have quick little blurbs in one post... right now. I've had a really bad sinus infection/cold/upper respiratory infection for the last 3.5 weeks and it kind of wiped me out.  HOPEFULLY... I'm on the upswing now.  I have thought this twice already, however, only to wake up the next day feeling like I was back at day 1.  Grr....

First off... I refinished a pub table and 2 bar stools that I got from my mom when she moved.  Here is a before pic of the table and a midway pic of the stools when I decided that completely sanding the veneer off was a great idea.  (It was fine... just created a lot of dust)

(I apologize for the blurriness... I thought I had gotten a good one... but aparently my hand was still vibrating from the detail sander I was using!)

And... the after:

Yes... that table is magenta... (Valspar's Ibis Rose from their Pantone line... I had a coupon for a free sample size jar and used maybe 2/3 of it) and those bar stools are turquoise (not sure on exact color shade but further down in the post I describe how I chose the color back in 2011).  I had intended for the table to just be a pop of color in my living room, but it ended up being too big for the space that I had intended to put it while our Christmas tree was up so it will likely go upstairs into Callie and Taylor's room.  It might come back down after Christmas and find itself along that wall that is pictured above.  The teal stools in the kitchen really do brighten up the space.  I love them. Oh... and I have since primed over those green paint spots on the wall.  That color looks really good in the day time... but at night with the artificial lighting... it looks lime green.  And that's not what I wanted at. all.

Next up:  I FINALLY FINISHED MY BED!!!!! I think I started this back in June or July.  I painted it (Valspar Dark Kettle Black) in August.  All I needed to do was build the mattress support and I was done.  I even ordered the bed brackets in early September after deciding to use the same ones I had used on Callie and Taylor's bed (which... I now realize I never wrote a post about... I DID start one... maybe I'll finish the draft).  What the brackets do is give the bed the ability to be disassembled at a later date and put back together without compromising strength.  If it had just been screwed in, taking the screws out and then replacing them in the same hole would weaken the joint the screw created.  

Anyway... I had originally planned on ditching the box spring and just making a platform style bed since it had gotten a little damaged on one corner during the move.  However, when I took the mattress off in order to complete the bed I realized that it was a true box spring (with springs instead of essentially being a platform for the mattress like I thought it was for some reason), I decided to keep it.

I wanted at least six inches clearance underneath the box spring in order to fit storage bins, used 2x4s for the side cleats (what the box spring and mattress sit upon) and added 2 more 2x4s to go across the middle for a little bit extra support.  I would have had three... but I accidentally cut the last 2x4 a wee bit short. The side cleat 2x4s are attached to a 1x10 cut to the length of the mattress.  It is the 1x10 that the bed brackets are attached to... and the bed bracket connects the mattress support to the headboard and footboard.  Does that make sense?  Probably not.  I'm terrible at describing things...

Here are some pics:

(The mattress/boxspring support system consisting of 2x4s and 1x10s)

And there it is finished.  I luuuurrrrrrrrrrve it!  It ended up being raised up a total of 10" off of the floor with 6" of clearance for those under-the-bed plastic totes.  (The 2x4s holding up the mattress add about 3.5")

The only problem is that it's just a smidge too high for little Ozzy to jump up easily.  Actually... the first few times he jumped up no problem but then he must have forgotten it was higher and knocked his legs because now he just whines on the floor until he's picked up and tossed on the bed.

Happy puppy.

Back to the kitchen... I painted the doors going into the basement and the bathroom.  Apparently... I didn't take a before picture... but they looked like this:

That's actually my bedroom door... and I talked about painting it in this post.  I don't remember if I primed them first or not like I did on the bedroom door.  It wasn't like it was that long ago either... jeez... sign of old age.  But instead of the eggshell white I had painted on the bedroom door, I used semi gloss in the same color: Valspar Ultra White.  Additionally... I added a couple of coats of the semi gloss to the bedroom door.  I found that it was getting scuffed and a little dirty and I couldn't just easily wipe it down like I could with a semi-gloss finish.  Here is the after:

Brightens up the kitchen sooooo much! (again... I have since primed over the green paint samples)

Lastly... I repainted Cede's bed.  It was originally painted a creamy white color.

That's actually her in the top pic.  I built this bed for Max in 2011.  It was my first build.  It had since been scribbled on and stained up by my dirty, artistic rugrats.  In February, I started to sand it to repaint it back then... but got busy with other things... so her little bed was looking a little rough.  She's only  going to be in her toddler bed until next spring/summer.  A new bed for Cede is already at the top of the list of summer projects. :)

Anyway... I have nearly a whole gallon left over of Tiffany Blue from when I painted the bathroom in our old house.  So... Cede's bed got 3 coats of it!  (It's the same color that I painted the stools mentioned above.  Unfortunately, the color name is not listed on the gallon.  It is Valspar though, and I ripped a Tiffany ad out of a magazine and got a gallon of the blue that was closest).  

I bought some antiquing glaze at Lowe's and was going to try it out on her bed but, as with lots of other projects, I just haven't gotten around to it yet!

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