Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Painting My Tiny Bedroom

This is another long awaited post.  I have always hated the paint color in bedroom.  It was this yellowy off white color.  Unfortunately, it is also in the entryway, kitchen, and in Callie and Taylor's room.  They only room that it looks halfway decent in is Cal and Tay's room... and that's because they have two large windows.  The extra light makes the yellow look bright and cheerful... instead of dingy and bleh....

My bedroom only has one tiny east facing window that has an amazing view... of the neighbor's house.  With the room-darkening shades it is like a cave in there, which is perfect for Karl after working a night shift.

It took awhile to decide on a paint color.  I had first thought I should go suuuuuper dark.  Like Glidden's Black Tulip.  It's a dark dark moody purple.  Everything else in the room would be white.  After living in the room for awhile... I decided that dark was NOT the way to go (a good reason why you should always live in the space for awhile before deciding on things like paint colors).  I then got on this kick that the kitchen and the bedroom should be the same color.  For whole-house cohesiveness I suppose.  So... just like my kitchen had green samples painted up... so did my bedroom.  I had even painted one wall in the Valspar Gloaming Green color I had thought was wonderful in the kitchen (this same green turned a bright lime green once the artificial lights came on and got nixed).

I'm not really sure why or how I decided on a light blue... but I did.  When I went to go and grab a sample of the one I originally picked (Valspar's Sea Spray), I grabbed a few more and while I was waiting for the paint dude decided I would also get a sample of Olympic's Sea Sprite.

That ended up being the winner!!

So... I ended up having several little squares of paint color up on my walls:

(Glidden's Black Tulip)

(Olympic's Sea Sprite - the winner)

(Valspar's Gloaming Green)

(Valspar Jungle Chameleon - has more of an olive tone than is showing here)

(Valspar's Sea Spray)

All of the color samples pictured above DO look different in real life than they do on my monitor.

Here's a before pic of the room in all it's yellow glory.  You can see where I primed over the many paint samples.

Here is a brighter, more "daytime" photo.  The sun must have come out after I was done doing the edges.  I don't use tape anymore... I find I do a better job without it.  If I use tape... I have this false sense of security with the roller and end up brushing the roller up on the ceiling and ugh... I'm more careful tapeless.  When doing the edges, I've found that my ambidexterity (is that a word..? if not I just made it up haha) comes in "handy" (haha you like that pun?)

Here I was trying to get a combination before/after color pic.  It's hard with an iphone camera, and learning to use my DSLR is on my to do list.  The primed over color swatch on the left was the one I originally went to Lowe's to get a sample of (Sea Spray).  You can see, though, that the Sea Spray has a lot more blue tone and the Sea Sprite on the right has a bit more green.

Et voila!

It looks more blue in some light and more green in others.  It's perfect!

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