Friday, December 6, 2013

Callie and Taylor's Farmhouse Beds

When we moved, we decided that Callie and Taylor's set of bunk beds would be Max's, and I would build them new beds.  It took about 5 months... but I finished them back in June.  Here is what their room looked like before:

And after:

I was VERY proud of these two beds.  I hadn't built anything in probably 2 years... the last major project being the toddler bed.

Rather than a wordy play-by-play... here are just a few "in progress" pics:

(I had to bring an old box spring out to the garage to help visualize how the whole bed would look put together since I was building my own mattress support system rather than using a metal bed frame.)

You can see in the above pic the bed brackets that I used from Rockler.  I actually put them on backwards... they are supposed to be on the inside of the side bed rails.  Oh well.  It is still functional.

After approximately 6 months of use... they are still holding up!  Although... I do wish I would have used a semi gloss white instead of a matte.  It'd be easier to scrub clean.  And... I do kinda wish that the headboard wasn't so tall.  But other than that... I wouldn't change a thing to the original plans.

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  1. Those are SO cool!! That is awesome that you made them! They turned out great!

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl