Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Starting on the Stairs

I FINALLY got to get a jump on this staircase of mine.

With most of the house having white trim... this orangey woodwork and red/brown painted stair treads and risers was a bit of an eyesore.  I'm certain that the bottom post is original to the house, but that the balusters and railing are not.  They actually look brand new.  Well... not for long.  When I'm done with this stair makeover, the railing will be stained a dark espresso, and the balusters will be white.  I haven't totally decided what I want to do with the bottom post yet.  I'd love for it to be white, since that would make the details of it just stand out... but a darker stain might make more sense for my household with lots of dirty little fingers.  I have seen on Pinterest where the bottom part of the post was white, while the top part was dark like this or this.  I just fear that it will end up looking like a snowman with a top hat.

So anyway... I got a start on my stairs... I painted the risers and the side trim white.  I used a liquid deglosser on the side trim and put on 2 coats of primer.

Then, I added 3 coats of Valspar Ultra White in Semi Gloss (the same color and sheen that I did the doors).  I also put 3 coats on the risers (no primer because they had been painted by the past owners).  They looked fine at night when I finished the project, but during the daytime, it does look like it could use at least another coat.  So... I should have primed the risers too.  Duh... painting white over a really dark red/brown?  You need to prime.  Rookie mistake.

While I was painting the risers... I did notice that there are lots and lots of nail holes in them from their past life as a carpeted stair.

The above pic was taken after only one or two coats of paint.  I may fill them... I may not.  I haven't decided yet.  They do add some character to the stairs... but I don't want them to end up looking dirty or unfinished.  The stair treads themselves have some nicks and damage because of their age that I will likely leave alone.  Again.. character.  When I was in college, there was an old stone staircase in one of the original buildings that had treads that were so worn down by the thousands of students that had walked on them.  I loved that.  Also... I kind of like some things to look distressed... since my kids will end up distressing things on their own anyway.  Then... I don't have to worry about it.  As long as it doesn't end up looking destroyed and uncared for... kind of a fine line to walk along though.

Here's what the stairs look like now... after an evening of work.

Can't wait to start tackling those balusters!!!!

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